Monday, January 14, 2008

First class

Tonight was my first class. Once I arrived, I think it went really well. However, getting there often proves challenging for me. For weeks I have known where I was going. I had no hesitation because I knew where it was. I drove there tonight and it was not where I thought it was. We call these my "bubbles" moments. Actually, the first place I went was where the Big Man thought it was too. After asking questions, I found the correct place and it was smooth sailing from there. I left the house very early...who knew how much I needed that extra time?

The class was very quiet. For some it was their very first college class, for others it was their first in years. We did introductions, business and a get to know you activity that was also a diagnostic writing assignment. Thanks to all of you who wished me well and prayed for me tonight. I'll try to update more as it goes along.

Have a great night!


Bridget said...

Congratulations on making it through your first day.

melissa said...

Hey, congratulations!! Man, I would LOVE to have you for a teacher. Oh- and I have those moments, too.....a lot.I get totally panicy. Race got me a Tom-Tom and it has absolutely changed my life.LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making it through. I admire you so much because teaching is something I could never do :)

Aaron said...

Congratulations sister on your first day as a college professor! Getting there is half the battle. Once your students get to know you and you start discussing stuff, you will feel right at home. Have fun!

Chel said...

That is so awesome!! I'm so excited for you. Once the ice is broken it will be smooth sailing. They will love you and you will love to teach them.

Dy said...

Hey - I'd lost your link. (I have no idea how it didn't make the transfer when I changed my sidebars around.)

It'll take me eons to get caught up, so I don't know what you're taking, but I'm SO PROUD OF YOU for taking a class! I hope you love it and have a fantastic semester!

Will keep in better touch. Y'all have been in my thoughts so often, but that doesn't do any good if I don't *say something*. I know. Sorry. :-S