Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome, 2008!

2007 is ending with a bang (What was that noise outside? It sent children running from all parts of the house.) I suppose New Year's revelers were beginning early. Anyway, I am still in Delaware and celebrating New Year's Eve with my family, minus the Big Man. He and I have been in touch tonight, and he is in Central Time, so we actually get to celebrate twice. This has become a tradition.

I am looking forward to new things in 2008 but also thankful for the things that I have learned in 2007. I finished school (sorry, I did try not to mention it again,) and that was a big personal deal for me. The kids and the Big Man are healthy and happy, and I have had great times with wonderful family and friends. I am blessed!

So, I hope that 2008 is wonderful for you. I wish you all health and, sappy...I just wish the best for all of you!


P.S. I would also like world peace.


melissa said...

Happy New Year Anniesue!! Have a wonderful time with the fam!

I too would like world peace. But I'm mad right now, so I'm gonna go outside and burn some tires in the street. LOL! Kidding, kidding. But I sure would like to get Race back home.

Emily said...

Happy New Year!! Enjoy the time with your family :)

Chel said...

Happy New Year! How fun to be around your family!

melissa said...

Thanks for the comments Anniesue!BTW- you guys looked so awesome in your Christmas picture this year!