Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have attempted to keep things relatively private on this site...rarely use real names, always say "our little town" instead of giving specifics etc. But today I just had something to share.

MK was given an assignment in English class to write an essay about someone that she respected, an older person important in her life. She chose to write about the Big Man's dad, a worthy choice. The "elders" were then invited to school yesterday where they were given a reception and presented with the essays. Some reporters from our small town were there and she and "Pap" made the newspaper. So here is a link to the article. We bought a few copies of the paper for both sets of grandparents. The paper version has a picture of her and Pap together. Way to go, MK!


Emily said...

YEA!!! Way to go MK! You must be so proud of her. That is just awesome!

melissa said...

What an honor! I know that everyone is so proud. I am so glad that you posted this. Great job MK!

Chel said...

That is the best thing ever!! I loved reading it. (It made me tear up.) MK is so sweet and what an honor to have it published. That sounds like something they will both NEVER forget.