Friday, December 28, 2007

First State News

Okay, there is no news to share, I just like to remind you of where I am.

After some delays at the airport yesterday, we arrived last night safe and sound. My parents met us at the airport and my brother and his kids surprised us at my parents' house. We talked and laughed until too late. Then my very dear friend called this morning and took me out. We went to the mall, which was a frequent hangout when we were kids, and went to lunch. She has moved since the last time I was home, so we stopped by her beautiful new home. After she dropped me off, I had just enough time to play with the kids and then my wonderful brother and I took off.

We went to see my niece play basketball in Valley Forge, then we went into Philadelphia. We ate cheesesteaks, because we were in Philly and that's a must, then we walked around a little bit. We saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, from a distance at least, because it was nighttime. Then he took me to hear some music. It was wonderful! He always plans fun things for me. Wow! I know I should be tired, but I am not at all. Plus, the sleeping arrangements are different than they were last night, because another nephew is here, so T. Willy is currently sprawled across the bed where I slept last night. I guess I'll go and see what I can do about that.

Have a great night!


noelle said...

I stumbled upon your blog again :) Wish we could get together while you are home! Have a great trip!!

melissa said...

Wow, everything sounds so fun. ANd your brother is pretty awesome. He always cracks me up! Have a great visit.

Chel said...

That sounds wonderful! I hope you continue to have a great time. Your brother sounds awesome!