Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We're here!

We made it to Delaware this afternoon and have already had fun! We have played with the niece and nephews, hung around with the grown ups, eaten good food, visited friends, and gone to Dairy Palace. What, you may ask, is a Dairy Palace? Thinking about that made me think about some other things that are MUSTS and unique about our visits. So here is a short list.

Dairy Palace - our hometown ice cream stand. It has been around for years and is a local tradition. From the time it opens in late spring until it closes in early fall, it is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth. My personal favorite is a chocolate malt, but tonight I had a chocolate cone with "jimmies," or sprinkles to those of you from other geographical areas. Shannon, my very dear friend, and I used to come here as teenagers, and we still can't resist it. It is still as I remember...Little League teams still line up for cones after games and teenaged boys still take their girlfriends there. Ahhh...the memories.

Capriotti's - If you think you've had a good sub at Subway...think again. Every trip home requires at least one visit. The subs are enormous...so I always get one and eat half, then save the second half for another meal. I am never disappointed. The only downside is that I have to choose between Italian and roast beef...they are both so good!!!

Tax Free Shopping - There is no sales tax in Delaware! So shop your heart out and pay what you see on the price tag. This took some getting used to when I left, but now takes getting used to when I'm back. I find myself adding up the 6% we pay at home and then realize I don't have to pay it.

There are others, but these were some that stand out for me. It is nice to be here and we are ready for some more fun! Have a great night!

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Chel said...

Yay! for Delaware! It sounds fabulous. I love how there are those places that are a must go to whenever one ventures home.

I have a shortlist of my hometown as well. ...but the best thing is hearing about someone else's. Now, I think I need to eat ice cream!