Friday, July 11, 2008

Smiles and Berries and Phones...oh my

MK got her braces yesterday. She is still uncomfortable but says today is better than yesterday. I will try to post a picture soon. The braces aren't so bad, but she also has a palatal expander and it is really causing her some trouble. She can't eat and is very hungry. It should keep getting better; she just has to give it time. She is also having trouble playing her clarinet, and even though we are heading north on Tuesday, is going to band camp on Monday.

T. Willy and I went blueberry picking on Wednesday. He had a really good time and was a joy to have with me. He picked his little heart out, and never complained. It was really hot, and just one time said he would feel better if he could just have a "little taste of water." Fortunately we had water with us, and he was energized after a drink. All he could talk about was taking the berries home to bake a pie. He talked and talked about how much he wanted a blueberry pie. So, Thursday morning, he and I baked a blueberry pie. Once again, he was an amazing helper. He couldn't wait for it to be ready to eat. Then...he took a look at the finished product and realized it was a circle. Oh dear. He was expecting a triangle. Fortunately the Big Man overheard this and explained that it would be a triangle when it was cut. Then he used our family communication method (a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror) to draw a diagram. T. Willy seemed satisfied and kept talking about the pie. We had the spray whipped cream that he loves, cut him a piece of pie, poured some whipped cream on top and.....he would not take one bite!!!!! What???? The only reason I made the pie, from scratch...crust and all, was because he wanted it. And nothing...not one bite! Oh well...four year olds, I guess.

And today...for the Big Man...I woke up at five and drove to Fort Walton Beach to get in line for the new Iphone...which he is playing with right now. The wait was kind of long, but a lot of fun. Everyone was excited and I was number 11 in what would become a very long line. We were hoping to get 2, but they only allowed us to buy one, so I hope to get one for myself very soon. It is so fun!

So there are some highlights from our week! I hope yours was great!


melissa said...

What a cute story about T Willy. Thanks for sharing it. If I had been there I'd have solved the pie EATING problem;-). Poor MK. Savannah has had her braces for about a year and a half and we are expecting the removal appt. next month. Woo-Hoo!!(Jackson is next) One of the positives about having the braces is that almost EVERY kid has them at that age. (O.K., that's not REALLY a positive, see where I'm goin'.......)Hope that it feels better soon.
I still haven't posted anything, but I'm getting closer!
BTW, I'll be thinking of you re. your outpatient procedure.

Chel said...

Poor MK. It's so hard at first! I had braces on at age 12 and it was only the top 4 teeth and I STILL remember being miserable and in pain for a solid week.

I love the story about T. Willy. He is so funny. I want to get him and Jak together!! I love blueberries! I'll eat his share!

Cool about the phone. I was wondering what the mile long line was at the Apple store and then figured it out as we were leaving the mall.... glad you were in on the action. I'm so NOT cool. :)