Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Here are some pictures of our evening. T. Willy was Elmo, not creative but easy and it was what he wanted. MK's costume took a bit of thought, but people guessed it. Can you?

MK in middle and friends gathered at our house. T. Willy was afraid of the one on the right, so she had to take her mask off to show him it was his old friend, M.

This is T. Willy and his buddy, D. They have been friends since D's mom and I used to walk them in their strollers as infants, but since school started, they don't get to see each other much. So they were very happy to trick or treat together, and very glad that D's dad brought a wagon!

Now we have more candy than we will ever need, but it was a fun night!!!


Chel said...

CUTE! It looks like it was a great night. I'm so bad at guessing what people are and then always feel bad because I am usually wrong :)
To me she looks 80's... like the innocent Madonna. :)
I love the pictures!

Emily said...

Great costumes!! And my guess is Madonna too.