Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our weekend

We are leaving Saturday morning for New Orleans to visit the Big Man's family. My father-in-law is a pastor and has been at his church for 25 years. That is pretty remarkable and we are going to celebrate with the family. We are looking forward to a fun, although quick, trip.

All is going well for us. MK and T. Willy continue to enjoy school. MK has only 2 football games left. Tomorrow night is close to the beach and that is always a fun trip. After that they play their rival team (there are two middle schools in our town - it's the other one) and that is always fun because so many of the kids know each other. Friday afternoon is the high school's Homecoming parade (only one high school in town so the kids all end back up together) and MK will march in it with the band. She has been in the parade before, but this is much more official.

T. Willy is opening up so much. He talks non-stop and often in complete sentences, which is new for him. He loves school and his new friends.

My parents just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. My dad enjoyed some softball games and won a few, although not the tournament, and I think my mom enjoyed just seeing something different. They didn't do any typical Vegas things, but they did some sightseeing and enjoyed it very much.

So there's an update from us. Have a great weekend!

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CHEL said...

Have fun in New Orleans!