Saturday, October 13, 2007

And now it's Saturday afternoon

We are in New Orleans now. We had a good and uneventful trip. T. Willy sang the Alphabet song no fewer than 32 times and Jesus Loves Me nearly as many. But he occupied himself and that was great. MK napped and listened to music and I read a book that I'm enjoying but can never seem to find time to read.

The Big Man and his mom took T. Willy and MK to do some things which left me some free time. I did some exploring which is unusual for me, because I don't know my way around here that well. MK needed some reeds for her clarinet so I found my way to a music store. I did some more shopping but lines were long and I didn't find anything that I just couldn't live without.

We are going to the Big Man's brother's house for dinner, and we are looking forward to that. I am going to rest and finish watching the LSU game. Go Tigers!

Have a great day!

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CHEL said...

Sometimes it is so nice just to have time for yourself. I hope you enjoyed it... even if you didn't buy anything!