Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fishing - Day 2

T. Willy didn't catch anything tonight, but he still seemed to enjoy himself.  Another boy had caught a few fish, so when he snagged yet another, the coach let T. reel it in. That made him happy.  

The Big Man was able to come for awhile tonight, and T. Willy enjoyed getting to fish with him for a bit.  

I had a lucky 5 minutes. I caught a catfish, and then not a minute after I 
dropped my line back in, I caught a bluegill.  It was very exciting for me. I had baited crickets, worms and biscuit dough all night, and I was glad to finally catch something.  

MK is still sick.  I know she would love being there to fish with T.  I'm hoping she will be much better tomorrow. She's really quite miserable.  


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