Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A good good night.

We tried to find some fun things for T. Willy to do this summer, so we enrolled him in fishing camp and tennis camp. Fishing camp started tonight.  T. Willy was NOT excited about it, but we encouraged him to try it and to have a good attitude. He really did!  The best part was that with just a short while left, he caught a catfish - his first ever!  He was so excited!  Of course, my phone died right before it happened, because it didn't seem like it was going to happen.  Now he has decided that he likes fishing!

It's a busy week, because it's also VBS at church.  T. Willy is having a great time, and MK is working in crafts.  Unfortunately, she started feeling sick last night and couldn't go today. I almost just chalked it up to allergies, but I took her to the doctor.  Bronchitis and an ear infection!  Poor girl.  She had a shot and was given some antibiotics.  I'm hoping she will feel like a new person tomorrow.  

I have had to take a certification exam as a requirement for teaching English.  I put it off, but I finally took it before school ended.  The results came in tonight, and I passed.  I am so relieved!   I'm just glad to have it behind me.  

So that's our day today.  Hoping for another good one tomorrow.  With the test off my mind, I can really relax and enjoy myself.  

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