Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rain can't stop us.

They called for rain today, and it stayed away long enough for us to go into the city this morning. We ate beignets and went to the aquarium. The kids loved the aquarium. Ty has decided he is going to become a fish scientist. We looked up the official term, and he said several times that he "can't wait to be an ichthyologist."

We watched the penguins get fed and saw all kinds of things, but one of the highlights was "Parakeet Pointe." Hundreds of parakeets are in an enclosure, and, like a letting zoo, you are right there with them. You buy a feed stick, and the birds will land on your hand and eat off the stick. It was really neat!

We left the city and went to Walmart and then to eat. While we were eating, the rain began. It was like a monsoon! Fortunately, we were close to the house, and the Big Man had a big umbrella and was offering door to door service.

We came back to the house and rested. Now we are looking at the weather and considering another parade tonight.

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