Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just checking in

Not much is going on right now. Our little town is having yet another parade this weekend. This one will kick off the holiday season. MK will walk in it with her school band, and we will cheer for her from the sidelines. The Christmas parade draws a huge crowd and we enjoy seeing many friends.

MK wants to have a Christmas party this year. Any ideas? Last year we had a Halloween party and we gathered the girls around the firepit and made smores which was a big hit. However, it is likely to be too cool for that, so we are looking for some activities. This is a hard age...too old for traditional party games and too young (thank goodness) for boys!

Other than that, the adjustment back to school after the break was painless, and we are fully ready to welcome in the holidays!

Have a great day!

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melissa said...

karyoke is a big hit w/ girls that age. BUndling up w/ hot chocolate around the fire pit would be fun too.Our Christmas parade is this weekend too. The kids can hardly wait!