Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We have hit the ground running! After 3+ years of most of our time being our own, it has suddenly come to a halt and we are busy!

My school had open house last night and I met most of my students. Classes begin tomorrow and I feel ready. I just hope I can sleep tonight. T. Willy is adjusting well to the new schedule. He hesitated just a bit when we first dropped him off, but I stood by the door and in no time he joined the other kids to play. Tomorrow is also his first official day, he has just been going to childcare while I have been preparing my classroom and lesson plans. He napped today and joined circle time for songs and stories. Whew. I will try to post pictures of him in his school clothes tomorrow. MK has been able to go with me and was a big help getting the room ready and peeking in on T. Willy for me. Her school begins Monday - 7th grade!!!

Thanks to Melissa for getting me involved in the blog world. I started a blog for the class to communicate with parents and already I've had positive feedback. Also, thanks to Chel for teaching me about "invitation only" because the parents and staff feel more secure about commenting when the whole world doesn't have access to it.

Okay, off to bed! Good night!


melissa said...

Best of luck! It sounds like you are really looking forward to it.Lucky kids to have you for their teacher. I'm sure T Willy will have a great time. Please keep us posted, and don't forget to put up those pics of TWilly!

Bridget said...

Good luck. My daughter starts college on Monday, she wants to be an elementary teacher and she is so excited about her classes. She was a student teacher her senior year for a kindergarden class and absolutely loved it.

CHEL said...

Awesome! Those kids are so lucky to have you. I can't wait to follow your journey!

Emily said...

I hope the first week went well! Can't wait to hear all about it :)