Friday, August 31, 2007

A little rain can't stop us

Here is a little recap of last night. It was MK's first night to march with the band at the football game. I had been recruited to chaperone and we had picked up two friends to go with us, one in the band and one for moral support. As we picked one girl up, her mother asked, "Do you think it's going to rain?" So I looked up at the sky and saw ominous clouds. On the way it started to sprinkle. The closer we got to the school, the harder it rained, until I pulled into the school parking lot barely able to see a thing. We went into the band room and waited, listening to the thunder, until the band director finally announced that the game had been cancelled. Sigh...faces fell, eyes drooped. I loaded three disappointed girls into the car and we headed home. We called one girl's dad to let him know we were on our way, then tried to call the other girl's home and no one was there. We later found out that they were on their way to the game. So we took the girls home with us and made a night out of it. The girls made dinner for us and I think it worked up great. Of course I did, I didn't actually have to cook dinner and they made dessert!

Actually, though, it was the kind of night I love. The girls and I were in the kitchen talking and laughing. With the oven going, the rain, and the house full, it was so cozy. However, outside it was still in the 80s. If it had been in the 50s I might just have shed a tear or two. The girls were so fun and bubbly and good sports about everything. They even let me take a picture of them which I'll post if I get their parents' permission.

So we'll try again next week. It's another home game. Let's hope it doesn't rain.

Now we are ready for a long weekend. The Big Man's birthday is Sunday so that will be our highlight.

Happy Labor Day!


CHEL said...

How fun! I look forward to those fun nights with my own daughter. Girls, food, laughter, rainy night... sounds wonderful!

Happy Labor Day!

And happy early birthday to the big man!

melissa said...

HAppy Birthday to the Big Man! Your night sounds wonderful. Mk is lucky to have a mom who enjoys doing the "girl stuff" wih her. I think that's awesome.

Emily said...

AWWW!! What a great night! It sounds like such fun. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and the ones from future games :)

Happy Birthday to the Big Man!

How is T. Willy doing in pre-school? Walker has his first full day on Friday. He is excited, but I'm a little nervous for him.

Anonymous said...

Post the pics!