Monday, October 16, 2006

Hello. My name is Annette and I am an addict.

My drug of choice??? MAGAZINES!!! I cannot walk past a magazine aisle anywhere. A great evening out for me would be a trip to Barnes & Noble where I can just sit in the magazine section for hours. More specifically though, a magazine that has the word "Living" in the title...Country Living, Southern Living, Coastal Living, you get the idea. I get those 3 magazines delivered to my home but the Living magazine that I do not get anymore is "Martha Stewart Living." But I did pick it up the other day and have enjoyed it so much. I am no Martha Stewart, nor do I aspire to be, I just love the way magazines feel in my hand and, apparently, the way they look in the basket beside my bed. Now, if only I can find "Organized Living."


CHEL said...

I can totally relate to the appearance of a magazine in the basket by the bed... I love those magazines... just looking at them.

Anonymous said...

I will be your supplier of one more 'living' magazine.. :)
Happy Birthday !! &
Happy Browsing !

melissa in VA said...

O.K......Is it your birthday? Did I miss your birthday? (Are you surprised??)

Y'all have been so busy! Hope that everyone is now completely on the mend. I can sympathize on the husband-going-back-to-work thing. Isn't it amazing how different the house is without them. We are missing Race so much.

Glad that you're back, and my FAVORITE mag is the M.S. "Living".

Thom said...

Belated happy birhtday!! I hope it was a good day for you!

Southern Living and MS Living are definitely addictive. The recipes in Bon Appetit exert a pretty powerful draw on me,too! :0)