Saturday, October 21, 2006

Early Thanks

Thank you for the early birthday wishes. Wednesday is the big day. The "anonymous" donor is my mother in now I will get Martha Stewart Living! Yea! Thanks, V!

Also, Thom, we do get Bon Appetit (I told's a real addiction) I just made a flourless chocolate cake from it and it is my absolute favorite dessert!!! I also made dressing last week from the Thanksgiving issue. It was really good but I'll doctor it just a little when I make it again. It has crawfish, bacon and collard greens. I have officially embraced my "southernness" and have started eating and enjoying collard greens. I also say, "fixin' to," which is something I did not say before.

I took MK to visit her friend this afternoon out in the country. The family used to be our neighbors but now they live on 40 acres and built a beautiful home and barn. I am always so happy when MK gets an invitation because I enjoy the drive out there so much, but even more this time. We had a big surprise this time because their road is now paved. It made such a big difference.

So, there's a little update. Have a great day!!!


melissa in VA said...

I have NEVER been dissapointed with anything that I have made from Bon Appetite! SOoooo good! The dressing sounds amazing!

BTW, I actually looked back to my last years posts on my blog to find the date of your birthday!

I am so pitiful with remembering dates.

CHEL said...

Ok.. so I can cook, I just hardly devote the time for it. Your blog made me order a subscription to Bon Appetite.... I am ready to start cooking... well, at least a nice Sunday dinner anyway.

Dy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! A little bird told me, so I wanted to come by and *WHOA* look, you've been blogging! I thought you'd given it up, but I'm so, SO glad you haven't. Yay.

Have a spectacular birthday!

Thom said...

The dressing sounds fantastic. Bon Appetit is just the best.

Good for you, on embracing your southerness! Collard greens and fixin to's are such staples of the culture. Be sure to let us know when you start eating boiled peanuts and saying y'all!! It's the next step, you know :0)
Hope you had a great b-day!!