Friday, October 12, 2012

Field trip!!!

Last year I did not go to one thing at T. Willy's school - no field trips, not field day - nothing! I vowed to change that this year. An announcement came home about a field trip to a farm. It had my name all over it! So I found a sub and took today off.

It was a really fun day. We drove into the middle of nowhere to a research farm run by the University of Florida. What a blast! We learned so much. But, as much as I love farms and being in the country, the best part was how happy T. Willy was to have me there. He thanked me several times. That meant everything!

One funny thing: we were at the honeybee exhibit, and some girls were asking what something was. I told them that it was called honeycomb. The girls looked at me like I was crazy. One of them whispered to the other,"Honeycomb is a cereal."

We also went to a football game tonight. We fought hard and won a district game. We've been having a tough season, so it was a big boost for us. Go, Bulldogs!!!

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