Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weekend wrap up

The Big Man was off this weekend, so we watched A LOT of football together! Friday night was an away game for MK. T. Willy was sick on Friday, so the Big Man stayed with him during the day, and I stayed home with him Friday night while the Big Man went to the football game to support MK. It was hard to miss it, but T. Willy and I enjoyed ourselves, and he was pretty much all better by the evening. The Bulldogs enjoyed a convincing win, and that was great!

We watched college football all day Saturday. Since the Big Man works most Saturdays, we enjoyed a chance to watch the games live.

We were able to attend church as a family this morning. MK and I work in the "Creeper" room in the early service every week now, and then we met the Big Man and T. Willy for the second service. It was really a great day in the Lord's house.

After that, the NFL and homemade burgers and fries. We played some football outside with the kids - now we're watching the Steelers and getting ready for the week!

I don't have too many new pictures, so I'll just post some random things.

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