Saturday, September 29, 2012

Homecoming 2012

We moved here in 1997. New to town, we heard about a homecoming parade. The Big Man was working, so I decided to take MK. We stood by ourselves and watched this small town parade that brought out the entire town. I was so impressed with the community spirit shown in that parade.

Since we had moved around a lot, I could not have envisioned that 15 years later, MK would be graduating from the school and participating in her 4th and final parade.

It was another great parade and a fun night at the football stadium (although we got creamed!) The dance is tonight, and the only word I can use is bittersweet.

Of course I want her to finish school and do well and go on to the next phase other life. It's just these landmark moments that make me wish I could turn back time for a little while and hold that 2 year old with the curls for just a few more minutes.

Another fun part of yesterday happened at school. We had a pep rally at school. The cheerleaders started something new this year: a faculty/staff homecoming court, and they selected me for it. I didn't win queen, but it was a lot of fun and really nice to be recognized.

Spirit week also included dressing up all week. MK showed school spirit all week, and I got into it a bit too.

So here are some pictures. I am the Junior class sponsor, so I've included some pictures of our float. We worked hours and hours on it

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