Sunday, July 01, 2012

Welcome, July!

What a fun day! There was a "Family Day" at church, so T. Willy and I went over to check it out. They had barbecue and games and a bounce house and an inflatable water slide. T. Willy didn't know any of the kids, but he joined right in and had a ball. He was hesitant to climb the slide, and after a couple of stops and starts, I employed a strategy that I am going to use again. A friend posted it on her blog: one honest bite. So I encouraged him to try it once. If he didn't like it, I wouldn't bring it up again, but he needed to try once.

Well, he did it, and once was all it took! He loved it, and did it so many more times that I lost count. It was great that it had water, because I don't have to tell anyone that it is HOT out there! A water slide was just the trick.

If you know me, you'll know that I am a klutz. I completely mean that. I fall way more than most adults that I know. Today was no exception. I just tripped over my own two feet on the pavement. My knee was completely freed of its skin, and it's bruised and swollen. What I am most thankful for, it isn't the knee I hurt when I fell in November. I am just now able to put pressure on it, so it is a blessing that it wasn't the same knee.

MK has been keeping me updated. She is having a lot of fun with her friends. They went to a family reunion yesterday, and today they drive to Helen, Georgia. It's a Bavarian town in northeast Georgia. I looked it up, and I know I'll need to go there one day. They're staying in a cabin and drove into town tonight to try some authentic German food. MK shared "wiener schnitzel" with a friend, and she liked it, though she didn't love it. They're going to the aquarium in Atlanta tomorrow and maybe tubing and zip lining later in the week.

My sister in law came into town to spend the night. My niece is going to be a counselor in training at a nearby camp, so they are going to head over early in the morning. We had a nice dinner together catching up.

So, I'll include a few pictures of T. Willy playing today and some pictures that MK has sent. Have a great July!!!

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