Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh my soul.

So much going on!! Tonight we had a nice quiet evening, and the kids and I are watching movies and taking it easy.

We had a really fun day. The kids at school did a "lip dub" yesterday. It was released to everyone today, so we have watched it over and over. It's been a great experience.

MK and I also gave blood today. I was actually just going to visit her while she gave, and they hadn't closed up yet, so I was able to donate. We felt great about helping others, so it added to our fun day.

Tomorrow MK has a leadership clinic to attend, so it's another busy weekend. We will enjoy our quiet night, and the Big Man and I will take T. Willy to the beach tomorrow. It will be our first trip this season - another reason we are blessed to live where we do.

T. Willy had birthday money to spend, so here is a picture of him and his new purchase and a picture of MK and me and our bandages.

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