Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last night

We did some shopping today for school clothes and shoes, and we rested at the cabin for awhile.

For our last activity we played mini-golf. It was really fun (and I'm not just saying that because I won!) We all did really well. Before we went, the Big Man offered $10 to anyone who made a hole-in-one. I made two, but I only took $10 for one, because the second happened when my ball was bumped. T. Willy also earned $10! He is saving his, but we were all hot and thirsty after golfing, so I spent mine on Icees. They hit the spot!

Now we are back at the cabin. We'll get up early and clean up then get on the road.

This trip exceeded my expectations! We have had so much fun. T. Willy was saying how sad he was to leave Tennessee, but I said that while we've had fun here, we're taking the best part home - our family. It sounds corny, but I truly mean it. Everything we did was a blast because we did it together. The kids were great and adventurous even when they didn't think they would be, and the Big Man made everything fun. He is a great navigator and had really good ideas. I will be forever thankful that we had this time to reconnect and make memories!

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