Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello, Philadelphia!!!

My brother and I took the "big" kids to Philly tonight. We ate cheesesteaks and water ice, and just walked all around. Here are some pictures!

I drove, and that was a very big deal for me. I'm not a frequent city driver by any means, and I did get separated from my brother on the way home, and it's even possible I may have gone down a closed road and had to go back down it the wrong way....but we made it back to my parents' safe and sound.

Tomorrow we go to the Herr's potato chip factory for a tour. That should be fun. After that, I don't think we will go too far from here. We need rest. I'm going to lunch with Shannon on Wednesday, and I'll have crabs with my sister in law on Thursday. We go home on Friday. There is just never enough time.

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