Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm It!

I've been tagged by chel :

It's a Bloggy Thing...

1.How old is your blog?
Almost 2 years old.

2. How would you categorize your blog?
Snippets of my life, family and various goings on.

3. Are the photos you post Photoshopped or otherwise altered?
Just to remove red-eye.

4. Do you lie in your blog?
No, you can't make this stuff up, although it might be more entertaining.

5. Are you passive-aggressive in your blog?
If you don't think I am, I can't make you think I am. I will just sit here quietly and you will have to think what you want. (sniff)

6. Do you ever threaten to quit writing so people will tell you not to stop?
No. I really have no need for that kind of gratification.

7. Have you deleted any of your own posts? Why?
Not once I hit "publish." I have deleted some before they were published.

8. Do you delete mean comments?
I would if I had some, thankfully I haven't. I'm neither popular nor controversial, I guess.

9. If your readers knew you in person, would they like you more or like you less?
I use a LOT of exclamation points in my blog and comments, so they might think I was a bit perkier. But I'm still the same person, so I think they would feel the same.

10. How many blogs do you follow?
Close to 20 but I only comment on 7 or so.

11. Which blogger do you want to meet in real life?
Chel,Tammara and Pioneer Woman

12. Does your family read your blog?
Yes, those that remember to bookmark it.

13. Do you have a hit counter? How often do you check it?

Yes, it's new, but I don't check it often because I already know how many times I look at my own blog.

14. Is blogging narcissistic?
It can be.

15. Do you feel guilty when you don't post for a long time?

Not at all.

Bonus: Do you try to look hot when you go to the grocery store just in case someone recognizes you from your blog?
Very funny. However, I happened upon a blog written by someone in our little town. I ran into the writer and her family at the grocery store. I was so excited because I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. She was nice and her husband seemed to think it was neat. However, she soon changed her blog to invitation only, so I think I scared her just a little bit. (I was using all of my exclamation points!!!!) And no, I didn't get an invitation. I'm not really a stalker.

7 Random Things About Me

1. My best female friend has been the same since I was in 3rd grade or so. Our moms are also best friends. We were in each other's weddings and she is the only non famiy member I regularly talk to on the phone.

2. I really, really, really do not like to talk on the phone. Melissa would find this very strange because, when she and I were roommates, the Big Man and I used to talk on the phone for hours. Unless you are calling long distance, call me, tell me what you have to tell me, and promptly hang up. I will not be offended because I also don't enjoy small talk.

3. My blog is called "So here's this" because when I was teaching high school, my students pointed out to me that I said that very often. Whether I had good or bad news to announce, I always started it that way. So there's that.

4. I live for football season. It coincides with my favorite season, but that is not the only reason. (I live in Florida, it doesn't feel like fall till almost Thanksgiving anyway.) High school, college, pro - I love it all!!! I am so excited about this school year because MK will be in the band and I will get to be at all the middle school games!

5. My mom did not want me to go away to college. She told me that she would buy me a new car if I would stay home and go to a local school. She was afraid I would meet someone from very far away and move very far away. She is a very wise and insightful woman.

6. If I had not married the Big Man, I think I would have ended up a spinster librarian, like Mary in It's a Wonderful Life if she hadn't married George. The Big Man is my George Bailey.

7. I love the movie "Steel Magnolias," fake accents and all. It is the only movie I can pretty much parrot the actors all the way through. I also quote it often.

So now you know a little more about me. Have a great day!


CHEL said...

You're a good sport... and that was great to read. I love the way you seem so true to who you are. You are awesome!

melissa said...

You crack me up! I knew some of that suff, and some of it was new. It's good to know that you're the same person that you were back in college. SO comforting to me!

(But what's up w/ the rest of the fam not commenting?? C'MON Y'ALL!)

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Loved reading that... so funny!
- AUdrey
Pinks & BLues Girls

Anonymous said...

I love #3. I can just imagine you saying, "So here's this."

And if you're ever in north Texas, let me know, for pete's sake!

Thom said...

I love reading me-me's! #5 cracked me up!

Hmmm...looks like I use alot of exclamation points, too! :0D