Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Middle School Vernacular

Two things that MK said this week made me laugh.

We were driving in the neighborhood and went past a house where the garage door was off its track. MK looked at it and said, "That's jacked up, yo."

Before I start worrying that she is growing up too fast:

The subject of Britney Spears (maybe I should worry) came up. MK said, "I feel sorry for her baby. I really think Social Security is going to come and take it away."



Lynette said...

They do try so hard, don't they? How cute!

tammara said...

Nyuck! I hope you weren't drinking anything at the time of either of these comments. She's so cute! My youngest began sixth grade today, except here in Arlington, 6th graders are still in elementary school. Crazy, huh? He still looks little to me. Until he stands near a kindergartener. Which makes me a little teary.

Dy said...

Are we really going to be in your area?!? Oh, please email me. Even if we just sit by the water and visit, you can watch me clutch up and go convulsive over the thought of sharks eating my children. And hopefully talk me down, right? ;-)