Saturday, August 05, 2006


This was a milestone week at our house. MK started middle school! Wow...I do not know where the years have gone. We attended Open House on Monday and were able to take her schedule and find all of her classes and practice with her locker combination. Big stuff! I can't say that Thursday was the most relaxing day for me, but school began and she did great. She really enjoys it. She had a few struggles with the locker combination but nothing major. She has found all of her classes with ease and even reunited with a good friend who had left her elementary in 4th grade. She is enjoying band and playing her clarinet. Whew! Life is good. I searched and searched for a picture of her on the first day of Kindergarten, but I cannot find the CD with the archives on it. I am not happy about that. But I did find one of her in 2nd grade on a trip to Disney World. So I've posted that and one of her on her first day of 6th grade.

Also, today the Big Man and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. He actually worked and I took the kids shopping but we made plans to get a babysitter on Tuesday. So we'll go out then. I had to get this old to realize why there are so many cliches about time flying...they're true!!! Have a great day!


Lynette said...

Yes, they grow up too soon. Dino will go to 1st grade next week. I kept him home and homeschooled for Kindergarten and I'm still not ready to let him go. I'll cry, he'll be fine and we'll adjust to our new life.

Congrats on 17 years! We celebrated 12 in June. Wouldn't trade him for anything! :)

Sholarclan said...

Hi..That's amazing that Mk is in middle school already. This is Conner's last year in middle school. (scarey) Happy Anniversary..We celebrated 19 in July..Talk about time flying by..sometimes it's "wait for me" Take Care Love and Hugs

Thom said...

Lockers and changing classes and band---wow. That IS big stuff. I'm glad to hear that she's enjoying it!!

Happy Anniversary!!