Saturday, July 08, 2006

Old Friends, New Friends


melissa in VA said...

I look like a midget next to Austin!! Ack! It was so awesome to see you again. If it wasn't for that whole table of kids behind us, it would have been like no time at all had passed! Thanks to your bro for taking the pic. Wish that we could have seen the Big Man and T. Glad that you're all home safely.

Anonymous said...

Melissa's right!! You look EXACTLY like I remember you!! I'm so glad you two were able to get together. If you're ever this way again, come by and see us.

Melissa's Mom

Dy said...

Oh, just look at all those beautiful people! I love it - and am so tickled that y'all got to spend some time together.

But when did Austin get so TALL?!? Wow. And Jack's not too far behind him, either! Wow.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Dy, who really should comment more often. Sorry.