Tuesday, May 16, 2006

School Ends - School Begins

MK's last day of school is Thursday. They are having a ceremony for their last day of elementary and then dismissing them early. We are excited about the summer before us. We have a trip to DE planned, a trip for MK to visit the Big Man's parents and then an undetermined vacation. It's hard to believe how early they are out of school, but when they go back the first week of August, I remember why they are out in mid-May.

While MK's year is ending, a new semester begins for me tonight. I am looking forward to it. This class is T/Th through June. Then the class in late June when my parents are here and then July is free! T. Willy and I picked up my books yesterday so I'm ready to go.

Othewise I've just gotten some housework accomplished and some fun with the family. Last night we discovered that T. Willy is a big basketball fan. He has enjoyed shooting baskets for quite some time but last night we watched a basketball game and he squealed and clapped every time someone made a basket. It was hilarious to watch. We are not actually basketball fans as much as football and hockey fans, so we'll have to see how he reacts to those sports.

I planted some gardenia plants in the front yard and discovered my first bloom. I am including a picture of it, although it's out of focus. I was just so excited and they smell wonderful!!!

So, there's that. Have a great day!


Thom said...

Wow, school's out early,down there.

Good luck with your class.It's great that you enjoy school.Do you enjoy it more the second time around?

Yay, for your blooming gardenia! They do smell just lovely, don't they?

Lynette said...

Gardenias are among my very favorite flower scents. I can smell yours just from the photo. THANK YOU!

Sounds like a busy June, but it'll be done and over before you know it. Best of luck.

Schools are finishing up around here now--the graduations in our county are tonight, May 26. Guess ya'll don't miss too much for snow, huh? :)

Stephanie said...

I love summer break! I'm hoping to go back in a year to school myself...hopefully.

Your gardenia is beautiful!

Anniesue said...

Thanks for the comments...my blog was getting so lonely! Lynette, we have never had a snow day since we've lived here...not so much as a flurry, but we missed a week for hurricanes. We didn't have to make it up though.