Monday, May 08, 2006

Another birthday

MK turned 11 on Friday the 5th! Wow! We kind of threw together a last minute party with 7 girls swimming in the backyard. It was probably my favorite party ever. Just the 7 girls and my sister in law and me. It was great. They swam, ate cake and opened presents and swam some more. The girls were so well behaved and polite. What a nice day! The Big Man and I gave MK a new bike for her birthday, so I've included a picture of her on it. Happy Birthday, MK!


Thom said...

Belated Happy Birthday to MK!!!!!!! SOunds like a great party!

Lynette said...

Happy birthday to MK--a few weeks late. I wish I were doing an all girls party for Princess next week--princess party. What, exactly, do you do for the fellas at that type party? I looked for knight paraphenalia, but to no avail. I finally gave up and bought them "boy" junk toys--you know, squeezy squishy stuff with animals in it. Should do fine, but it would be so much simpler if we could all be on the same theme here.

Anniesue said...

Lynette, we didn't have to do anything for the boys this year. The Big Man was at work and T. Willy slept through the entire thing. He didn't see one guest! They are past the friendly boy/girl stage and not into the "oh no" boy/girl stage and since my kids aren't close in age, they don't really overlap. Melissa might have some good ideas! If we ever hear from her again, that is.

Dommi said...

Hi anniesue,

Glad you enjoyed my one picture tour!. I was having difficulty with my pictures and my blog order is back to front.!..I knew It was working when i got your comment and I was chuffed!!
Your home looks great but I wanted a peice of that cake!
Take care x Dommi