Monday, April 03, 2006

An actual post

MK had Spring Break last week and it was so nice. She was back to school today and it was Field Day. It was a great time. Last year her class was not terribly competitive but this year the blue ribbons were flying. MK won in the Hula Hoop. Of course, so did 5 or 6 other girls but it was a victory nonetheless. She has won the Hula Hoop every year since 2nd grade (her first year at the school) but it was a nailbiter for me anyway. She does not have a competitive bone in her body but was happy with the results.

We tried a new church yesterday. I don't think that I've given my blog address to anyone local but I'm still hesitant to comment about it. We've been at our church for 4+ years and just recently have felt like it's time to move on. This is difficult for me because I don't think of myself as a "church hopper" but we just feel led to find something new. One of the reasons is that the children's department has not been a good fit for MK. She likes "Sunday School" where you are taught a lesson in a quiet setting. Currently she is thrust into a room with children from K - 6th grade combined. This church had a class of 5th and 6th grade girls and she really liked it. The style of this pastor is more teaching and I really like that, but I can't make a decision based on one week and the Big Man didn't even get to come. So we'll see what the future holds. T. Willy did fine. I have one specialty and that is the ability to take him to the nursery and leave. I don't linger and let his crying get out of control. I do, however, stand out of sight and make sure he doesn't cry long and he doesn't. As soon as I am out of sight he stops crying and when I picked him up, he was standing at the table with other kids and coloring a paper happy as can be.

And would you believe...we were swimming today!!!! So I'll post some pictures of that too. It was quite cold but, after standing in the sun at Field Day, we were happy to cool off. T. Willy even got in a little bit but will like it more when it isn't as cold. He loved watching MK perform her flips and handstands.

That's it for us. Hope your day went well too!


melissa in VA said...

The stuff about the church....those are the reasons that we left the huge church that you are so familiar with. It was like the kids were at camp or something, "Bring your Bible to church and win a candy bar!!" Huh?That is one of the things that "hooked" us all at the Prebyterian church. The kids have learned so much, and it is much more traditional. I LOVE the pic of MK hula-hooping! That is SO cute! tell her Congrats on defending her title!

Lynette said...

Swimming? I just got chill bumps. Of course, you're several hours south of me, so I guess swimming in April is doable.

Congrats to the reigning hoola-hoop champ.

Wishing your family the best with church choosing. Such an important decision.