Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

We participated in the requisite Easter activities. We dyed eggs. The kids had baskets. We went to an Easter egg hunt. Somehow it was just different this year. Our kids are big, and things aren't the same. Coloring eggs was kind of anti-climactic. The egg hunt was fun, but not filled with the excitement it once had. They didn't even look for their baskets this morning. On our way out the door to church, I asked them if they'd gotten their baskets and they had forgotten about them.

I've had to accept the fact...they're growing up. T. Willy turns 9 in a couple of weeks, but he's only about a head shorter than I am. MK is starting her last marking period of high school tomorrow. All of it good - it just feels sudden.

Speaking of MK...she has been a blonde for years and decided to make a change. She now has beautiful brown hair, and it looks great on her. It just shocks me when she walks into the room. I'll get used to it.

Believe me, none of that makes me sad. I am so happy that they are growing up and turning into such neat people. I think it just hit me suddenly that they are getting so grown.

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