Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My poor poor neglected blog.

How I miss you! Yet it's been so hectic and crazy that I never think to post. That is behind us now - school is out, and we don't go back till August. Since MK will be a senior (she was in elementary when I started blogging) I choose to live in denial all summer - kidding - I'm thrilled that she did well in school this year and is ready for her next big adventure. T. Willy also finished second grade well, and we are ready to relax.

We are starting our summer with a road trip! We are heading to Delaware to visit my family and stopping in North Carolina to visit family there on the way. I'm driving, because the Big Man will be staying here to work, so please pray for me! The trip will be halved by stopping to see family, so I won't be driving the thousand miles straight through.

Then who knows? Rest and rest - my plans for the summer. It's great to have a job I love plus get some extended time off too.

Speaking of my job, I needed to take a test that I'd put off for quite some time, and I finally took it last week. I was so nervous, but I passed! So the picture for today is from my results.

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