Friday, June 20, 2008

What's Happening.

Our plans for next year have been up in the air for awhile. This week one thing was solved. We were on a waiting list at our preschool of choice, 96th on the list to be exact, but I was trying to be optimistic. They called this week with an opening. The girl was laughing when I arrived because she said there was an opening and I said, "I'll be right there." And I was right there. It is right in our neighborhood and a good friend has children there, so we knew its reputation. This has solved one big dilemma and makes job hunting less stressful for me. I have expanded my search into a neighboring county, so we'll see if anything happens. Otherwise, I will try to sub in our county and hope the college can offer some more classes.

We have made plane reservations to go to Delaware in July. All 4 of us are going. The kids are really looking forward to seeing their grandparents and cousins. I am looking forward to my annual "crabfest" with my sister in law.

Finally, yesterday we were at Target. I saw a rather large handsome man walk by and realized it was former NFL player, Kevin Greene. We had seen him one other time, rumors are that he has a beach home down here. He graciously agreed to have his picture taken with I am closing with that. Does it look like maybe I was a little more excited to meet him than he was to meet me? But, thank you, Kevin Greene!


Chel said...

Delaware sounds fabulous!

You look adorable in that picture. I'm sure he was really happy to get a picture with you :)

Kyla :) said...

The rumor is somewhat true, not only does Kevin have a beach house, he lives there year round. His kids go to the local elementary school where he volunteers! I met him at a football game, nice guy!