Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where did spring go????

So, it was 83 here today. I think spring is gone and it's summer now.

Busy around here. This was my Spring Break from school and next week is MK's. We did a bit of spring cleaning, purged A LOT. We bought some new furniture for our bedroom and moved the mismatched pieces that we had into T. Willy's room because our old furniture matches his room better. Pictures do a better job than I can, so here they are.

Yes, the changing table is still up. Stop nagging, we're working on it!

And I had to end with a new picture of MK. I just love those brown eyes, plus our old digital camera died and we finally replaced it so I was able to post new pictures. Have a great day!!!


Emily said...

Love the furniture!! I want more black pieces in our house, they look so nice.

CHEL said...

I love black too.
Great taste!