Monday, January 08, 2007

Counting down

So tonight was the first class of my last full semester. After the semester ends, I have to do a tutoring practicum and then I'll be finished. It sounds easy enough, but the two classes appear to be the toughest yet. I was just beginning the program when I started this blog and at that time, it seemed like it would take forever. How wrong I was. The past year and a half have just flown by! I don't know what the future holds right now. The Big Man and I have started talking about when I'll go back to work. I LOVE being home with T. Willy but am also eager to get into the classroom. We'll see.

The kids and I flew to Delaware to visit my family the day after Christmas. We had a wonderful trip, but as always, it was just too short. We were able to visit friends and spend a lot of time with my parents and my brother's kids.

After a slow start, T. Willy is really starting to talk now. He is asking questions and answering some too. What a difference in the last year.

So, nothing too exciting, but I wanted to check in and get the Christmas decorations off the screen!!! Happy New Year!!!


CHEL said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on your schooling! That is awesome

melissa in VA said...

How exciting! Sounds like the winds of change are heading to your house. Where will you do the tutoring?