Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's that time of year

So last night was our little city's Christmas parade. It seems that EVERYONE shows up to either participate or watch and catch candy. MK walked with her Girl Scout troop. Our intention was for us to park, I would walk her to her starting place, then I would walk back to join the Big Man and T. Willy at our designated place in the crowd. Ha! I forgot that last year I left very early and the Big Man drove separately and through the magic of text messaging we were able to find each other. This year we all rode together and encountered the rest of our town heading to the parade. We finally found a parking space, got T. Willy settled in the stroller and parked The Big Man and T. Willy. Then MK and I took off for her starting point. We were so relieved and saw many groups of walkers, but no troop. Yikes. A kind soul asked if we were from Cluster 3, which we did not know because we only know the troop number, and she said if we were they had already started walking. So MK and I ran to catch them and sure enough, they were already in the parade. We finally caught them, there was no way I was going to make it back to the Big Man, so I just joined the parade. What fun! Here are a few pictures of the biggest night of the year in small-town Florida!!!

I was able to snap a picture of my guys while we walked by. Too bad T. Willy's face has the orange safety wire straight through it. Can you just see how secure it is, holding the raging crowd back? The lady on your right was so helpful. She gave T. the lollipop he has and was very vocal when people got in front of him.

You cannot predict how a 2 year old is going to act, but T. was great. He just stood and watched. Even when MK and I walked by, he just waved and kept watching. That is usually a signal to him to run after us. I think he was just enjoying time with his dad and the lady who was supplying him with sugar.

This is the only picture I was able to get of MK in which her face was not obscured. I normally would not include such a fuzzy picture but I didn't want her to be left out!!!

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