Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Political Humor

So with all of the political commercials we've watched lately, I was reminded of something MK said when she about 3 1/2. She was watching t.v. and a political ad came on. One candidate was addressing the incumbent by name, saying things like, "Bob, you've let us down," and "Bob, you should have done this." MK watched this ad, and then said to me, "Mom, why does that man keep calling me Bob?"

Have a good day!


melissa in VA said...

Ahh yes. Political humor. Thank-you. I could use a laugh regarding politics!

CHEL said...

haha... that is too cute.

BTW, I love your kids names! Some of my favorites of all time. M's is classy and T's is strong... very nice.

tammara said...

LOL - ah, perfect. I love that she didn't care at all that he was dissing "her" while calling her Bob. Just bothered that he was calling her Bob. Cute!